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Thread: Shake Widget without Shake Extension

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    Lightbulb Shake Widget without Shake Extension

    For those people having problems with the Shake Extension, or needing to detect other accelerometer stuff as well as Shake (eg orientation, etc), I've made a little Shake Widget using the Accelerometer object and tried to work as much like the Shake Extension as I could.

    The example file will beep and move the active when it detects a shake.
    I also added some PC functionality, simply move your mouse cursor above the top of the frame to shake (and below the top of the frame to stop)

    Thanks to Keith for creating the Shake Extension in the first place (very handy!), and Andos for making an earlier shake widget which helped me perfect this one.

    NB you should only have ONE Accelerometer object in your frame, only one will work if you have more than one as it intercepts all the Accelerometer data.

    If you find this widget useful, consider buying one of my apps as a thank you.
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