I use TGF2. first question: for a while now i have been wondering how you can make a heart health system in TGF2 like in the legend of zelda games, where you have (whatever amount of hearts) and when you get hit you loose half of one of your hearts.

second question: Like in the legend of zelda when you first start you have 3 hearts right? well i also would like to know how to make the game understand when i get a new heart container (or whatever item gives you a new heart) to tell the game to add a new heart to the HUD of the game with the other hearts, and so it knows to when you get hit to take a half of the newly obtained heart instead of the first of the 3 who had before you got the new heart.

this is a be part of a zelda type game, and is the part then had me frustrated about creating one in the first place, so help would be awesome. thank you.