Hi guys, RickyRombo was kind enough to open the source of his TileBox extension to me for the chance to port it over to iOS. I contracted Crazy_Ivan to do the porting job, and he did it extremely fast and well!

The TileBox object is basically an extension which allows you to create 9-slice images using a single active object. If you are unsure what a 9-slice image is, please see this image

Creating message boxes with fancy borders used to be a pain on iOS. I previously had to create separate large actives or backdrops depending on the size of the message I wanted to display. Obviously this added to the overall filesize of the app, and when you're trying to fit everything under the 50mb 3G limit it's a bit of a hassle. Hopefully this will solve it

I've also updated the original example that came with the TileBox object to show some more examples of what you can do.