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Thread: Bugs 257.6 major issues

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    Bugs 257.6 major issues

    Hey all

    Just updated my exporter and have come across some issues.

    I have some semi transparent graphics in the game. When a condition and met the effect is set to NON. However, once i updated the exporter they stay semi transparent and ignore the condition.

    Also, my "pause" icon using the Q&A object has turned into a weird icon on my Iphone 4. It remains the same on my ipad 2! (as in, how it used to work)

    Finally, it has made my game run super slow on my Iphone 4! I haven't tested framerate but it's about 1/3 the speed of what it used to be! edit: its dropped to 20fps instead of 40!

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    Can I have a look at your game?
    You can email or PM it to me and I will profile it to see what is wrong.

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