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Thread: Cannot Remove Active System Box from Application

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    Cannot Remove Active System Box from Application

    In another project I am working on, I created 4 active system boxes. Three I never assigned in code to. One I did. It was to jump to Frame 2 when I clicked on the active system box which is on Frame 1. Everything worked fine but I decided to redesign the app and not longer needed the boxes. So I deleted the referring to this one box and started deleting the other three boxes. All three deleted fine except the one that had used the code. Remember, I deleted the code and double-checked no other code was remaining that referred to the active system box. On running the runtime it aborted.

    I exited out of my app "without" saving and reloaded the app.

    Again I removed the code and the first three boxes.

    Problem: I found that as long as I leave the box on frame 1 and do not delete it the runtime works fine. Again, if I delete this box the runtime aborts.

    Any suggestions?

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    It sounds like it could be a bad object, this can happen from time to time. Did you assign any behaviours, qualifiers or use any create object actions with this object?

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    MMF2 sometimes has a rare glitch where it just won't erase certain objects from memory on deletion, though I've never heard of it crashing.
    In general you can play around with re-adding the objects, doing "create object" events of them, moving them in/out of object groups in the frame and event editor and deleting references to them, then deleting them from the editors and saving it, and eventually it goes through, at least thats been my experience, just removed 3 very ingrained objects from a monster sized project of mine the other day like this.

    But in the worst case scenario, there is always a work around, albeit with a lot of work- simply create a new blank frame (or project if necessary) and copy/paste every object from the old frame into the new one, layer by layer and change all the frame settings to match it, then copy/paste all the event editor code in, and adjust any frame jump or subapp events in other frames to match it again.

    You can pretty much transplant everything from one frame into another and as long as you aren't copying in the stray object, there is no way for it to carry over.

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