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Thread: New INI Tutorial

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    First off, I want to thank you for being such a kind and gentle soul on this forum. You've helped so many people, between your posts and your examples pages with downloads. You really are great, and I hope lots of people tell you so!
    For myself, I'm trying to figure out something simple, but I come to MMF2 from the art side of things, so it doesn't seem easy at all to do...

    I'm trying to create a high score page, for one player, in a game that will be exported through Android. I emailed Jeff and he suggested I stick with INI, and not even bother with the Hi-Score object. So, what I want is for the player to click a Save Game button, the coin amount the player has gathered is a Global value, the Global value is read on the High Score frame and is shown next to text that says "Top Score". Underneath top score, will be first place, second place, etc. and I want the coin amounts to descend in value. Do I have to create separate counters for each value?

    The idea is that the player will play the game several times and try to beat his own score, so saving scores from earlier games should be there. Don't want the player to save to a leaderboard, or save anything online, just for his own game play. I don't know if I save to several counters and files, or one INI and one counter, with the separate amounts being saved some other way (in alterable values, or global values?)
    Just kinda stuck, which is why I thought the INI tutorial redpanda mentioned might have answers...
    thanks for any insight/suggestions!

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    I've been so busy! Sorry, I have not had time to post anything, but if you have a specific thing that you want to do, I can e-mail you how I would do it.

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