Hi everyone

I Just Uploaded some examples to my site! Everyone can download it. Or even you can watch it (exe file to download too)
watch - Click here to download MMF 2.0 Examples (popup menu)

1.Room Maker

This example uses some tricky math and Connecting Two Points and more to create a room

2.Rigi's Skilte - DEMO version 1.0

This example uses some tricky things to complete the order of a e-mail. This is a demo to show you how to start a program like this. No comments. The text is in danish, sorry! The Password is old and doesnt work anymore. This example is complete save for hackers! In end you should send your information throw an E-mail, nice! As you see many object are used to make the most of it.
Download MMF file

3rd party Extensions required

Shared Data, DataGrid Object, DialogBox, Sub-Application, DialogBox, E-mail, Pointer, Rich Edit Object, Popup Menu

3. Fasttracker

Use z,x,c,v,b,n,m,.,- Use the arrow to navigate up and down, Press End to insert End position, Space to play and stop
Download MMF file

3rd party Extensions required


Exe File (Windows)


More examples to come in the future, I hope you like it...
Regards Mark Rene Jensen

Visit me or download at http://www.warlordsfighter.com/