Updated object extension list for the Android export module and Fusion 2.5

This list only contains the objects that come "stock" with the download and CD-ROM
More objects can be added that are created by independent 3rd party developers or by Clickteam as an option to the stock module.

Android Stock Extensions Version 2.5 Build 280.27
Standard Developer
Accelerometer Object X X
Active X X
Active Backdrop X X
Active Picture X X
Active System Box X X
Admob X
Android New Dialog Control X X
Android Object X X
Android/iOS Input Type X X
Array X X
Backdrop X X
Background System Box X X
Button X X
Calendar Entries Control X X
ChartBoost X
Clickteam Movement Controller X X
Combo Box X X
Counter X X
Date & Time X X
Bouble-Precision Calculator X
Edit Box X X
File X X
Hi-Score X X
In-App Android X
InandOut Movement Controller X X
Joystick Control Object X X
Layer Object X X
LeadBolt X
List X X
Lives X X
Location Object X X
Multiple Touch X X
Object Mover X X
OUYA Object X X
Physics - Engine X X
Physics - Fan X X
Physics - Ground X X
Physics - Joint X X
Physicis - Magnet X X
Physics - Particles X X
Physics - Rope and Chain X X
Physics - Treadmill X X
Question & Answer X X
Quick Backdrop X X
Score X X
String X X
Sub-Application X X
Video Android X X
Window Control X X