This is our very simple shoot them up game, based on old school games. Only Black/White/Grey colors are used, exept paper color.

This is a "GIFT" and free for all who download our android apps, thank you very much.

It's contain 20 wave of aliens attacks + 6 boss.
double triple quad and fast double, boomerang, powerball, stars forever(200 stars),magic balls, mines Sweep, lazer, Boson misiles + 2x 4x and 5x bonus + Shield .Game play extended 50*87 + 40*6 seconds
hope more .

Wave sequence; 20 + 6 Boss... And Restart First wave....

This game status is 'on request' : REQUEST WHAT YOU want
We will include your request as soon as possible/
Tested Device list:
Xperia Play, Google Nexus S,Galaxy S2/S3 Xperia arc S.
Working on adreno 205 and above, mali, GPU cards.

Working on my S3 ICS )

Our goal is include more stuff and more fun for your pleasure.
The final version will include 50 wave every 3 wave 1 boss,
approx play time will be non stop 1-1.30 Hour. Have Fun