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Thread: AWESOME Land

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    AWESOME Land

    Hey everybody! So pleased that the exporter is finally finished; I might as well share the stuff I released while beta testing it.

    “A heartfelt homage… beautiful 16-bit graphic design… Awesome Land‘s virtual controls are awesome, easily among the best of any game – regardless of genre – in the App Store” - AppTudes

    “The controls are abso-****ing-lutely perfect. I don’t remember the last [mobile] game I’ve played that actually feels this smooth… brilliant level design… you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by buying it” - Metalcasket

    This retro platform game pays tribute to, and parodies, classics such as Super Mario Bros., CastleVania and Mega Man, in style!

    Manley’s motorcycle has been stolen by evil aliens! It’s up to you to help him kick some alien hide and claim it back in this incredible parody of the great platform games of the past!

    Venture into a twisted version of the Nevada Desert! Discover alien bases! Stamp on monsters with your massive biker boots! Weave between furious flamethrowers! Munch on meat… from the walls!

    - 25 amazing, challenging levels!
    - Unique HD retro “photorealistic pixels” art style
    - Beastly bosses!
    - Silky smooth platform engine
    - Rocking soundtrack!

    Do you have what it takes to save Manley’s bike, or will you be hitchhiking home?

    Get it on Google Play:

    Also available on iOS:

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    Congrats Sam!

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