Hi! I have spent the last couple of days trying to remake someone else's "spread-value-tutorial" into my own version, namely to work more or less exactly as the Gorilla enemy from Duck Tales (NES). After countless of hours the movement is finally complete, but the problem I have now lies within the spawnpoint for the Gorilla.

The tiny problem is that it seems as if I only can spawn the Gorillas in a certain order as you can see in "2-4"-file and for this to be of any use in-game the Gorillas have to be able to spawn in any order.

I'm trying to get the spawns to work as in the "2-3"-file because it's only really usable if they work as I'm trying to get them to work in the "2-4"-file as the enemy should spawn at their respective spawnpoint whenever the player character gets close to the spawnpoint instead of touching the spawnpoint.
In this case the player character is defined as the mouse-object and the distance for spawn is set to 64 pixels but in the real game it should be somewhere around 256 pixels!

My brain really starts to hurt now, I don't know what to do! :/ Any ideas?

Here are the two files, free for all to use of course: www.mediafire.com/?a43f3p1o2ryt44w