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Thread: Donkey Kong JR Game & Watch cloned into arcade game some MMF2 technical problems.

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    Donkey Kong JR Game & Watch cloned into arcade game some MMF2 technical problems.


    I turned Donkey Kong II (Nintendo Game & Watch 1983) into an arcade game, but always there are some event unstable.

    Game-&-Watch-Donkey-Kong-jr.jpg ====> dkongjrgwrm_snapshot.jpg

    Download Here!

    Meanwhile, I have tried to make it as small as possible in terms of kilobytes reducing as possible as wave files quality (I can convert mp3 files at 48000hz and 16 bit mono minimum, wave files at 6000 hz and 8 bit mono minimum).

    I tried converting all wave files in midi files, but midi files make the game too jerky (as if MMF has to recharge the midi every time, while the waves mp3 and charge them all at once in the ram!).
    -There is a method to use midi files without making the game jerky?

    I tried to put the hi score by putting: Score of P1> Hi score counter=Set Hi score counter to Score of P1....
    But the counter considers only the last 3 digits surpassing the 10,000 points!

    -There is another simple method?

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    Wow! that's very impressive! I don't know the solution to your problem, but was excited to see the mfa! I have only tinkered with it for a couple of minutes and could not stand, but come here and congratulate you. I also love the arcade game feel. I have a couple of unfinished games myself, see:!__inicio-en
    Click on "My Games"
    I also have several other little projects waiting for their turn... guess we all do, lol!
    But maybe we can exchange development ideas later... have fun with your MMF2!

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