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Thread: How to delete a bad object

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    How to delete a bad object

    Hey guys! I've made a guide on how to delete bad objects before, and I had to refer someone else to the guide already, so I'm posting the guide here as well.

    Are you having trouble deleting an object? If so, does the object stay in the object list, even after you have deleted it? Or does MMF2 crash or give you an error when you try to delete an object? Really, either way, if either of those are true, then you probably have a bad object. Bad objects, unfortunately, are kind of difficult to delete. However, there is a way to do it. Follow the steps below to delete the bad object:

    1.1. Copy all of the objects, except for the bad object(s), (DO NOT COPY OVER THE BAD OBJECT(S)!) into a new frame.
    1.2. Copy all of the events, except for ones relating to the bad object(s), over to the new frame.
    1.3. Manually re-create the bad object(s), if you actually still need them (though, if you deleted them, you probably didn't want them anymore in the first place, so this is probably pointless). Make a new object(s) in the new frame, export the graphics from the bad object(s), import them into the new object(s), manually add in all of the events that the bad object(s) had (into the new frame, obviously), etc.
    1.4. If you want to keep the old frame (for back-up purposes), then make sure to re-name it so that it has something like "BACKUP" in its name. If you don't want the old frame, then delete it.

    That's it! You should now have deleted your bad object! I've actually had to do this on occasion, though I haven't had to use step 1.3 before (not that I remember, anyway). Like, ever. As a result, I don't know if step 1.3 will work. Use it at your own risk.

    If you keep getting bad objects (this may happen if your file is corrupted), then you should try doing this:

    2.1. Copy over all of your frames (except for the ones with the bad objects) over to a new game/application.

    2.2. Do steps 1.1-1.4 for all of the frames with bad objects.
    2.3. Copy over the frames made using steps 1.1-1.4 into the new game/application.
    2.4. Copy over any global events (other than the ones related to the bad objects) to the new game/application.
    2.5 Save the new application (make sure to keep the old one as back up).

    This should fix the issue, though I don't think I've had to do it (steps 2.1-2.5) before, so I cannot confirm that it will help at all. You should use this (just like step 1.3) at your own risk.

    If you have any questions, let me know.

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    Good going on the research and article. This will come in handy for all the forum members.

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