Yes, i know, it seems as if i would be a noob to not understand this but i really dont. i have been using multimedia fusion for a long time, however this is one of the first times that i have used saved files in my applications. Basicallly, i used the function for the drop down list to save its text to a predefined folder in the apdata. It basically serves as an area to store my text files for the application. During runtime in ther mmf2 testing window, everything worked the way i wanted it to, even when i closed the app. and reloaded it. when i went to build it... it said that these files would not be included...? It even named the specific folder that i was using but wouldnt give me a reason other than just a statment that it would not, as a bit of a warning; I, knowing the program had already gone through and checked the include external files box. I thought that i had done everything right but apperently not, even on the install settings, it wouldnt let me inlclude the folder becuase it stated that it was in the wrong location... What is this location?... is there a special procedure that i need to do to include these files? please help!