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Thread: I seem to be having alot of graphical glitches with any runtime.

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    Unhappy I seem to be having alot of graphical glitches with any runtime.

    Hi, I've been working on my game for a good while now and since updating to the latest version I keep getting alot of graphical glitches,


    Direct X8

    Only the blocks are supposed to change to grayscale.

    I haven't done anything to cause this glitch apart from add a 8th layer but it's affecting another frame too which I haven't touched in a while and I know it was working fine.

    This seems to be more on MMF2's side rather than my game, just not sure whats going on.

    Also Direct X9 seems to function ok. No noticeable glitches.

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    DX9 has been around for more than a decade - there's really no need to cater to players with ancient DX8 hardware.

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    MuddyMole is right, DX9 should be your port of call here. You would be VERY hard pressed to find anyone running your game with only DX8 compatible hardware, like a needle in a haystack.
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    Yeah, use Direct3D9. If I remember correctly, even Windows XP supports it. As long as you are okay with not supporting Windows ME and below computers, then you should be fine.

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