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Thread: Edge Enemy

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    Quote Originally Posted by aenever View Post
    Here's Patrice's example, with delay and no need for detectors.

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    The example works but not in the level i am using it in. The dino just turns left then right on the spot continuously.
    The level does use a lot of fastloops for a static engine if that is relevant to mention.
    The level does not seem to like checking if a coordinate is an obstacle.
    The level is 10700x2400 in size.

    The level can handle the dino with sensors as the dino has 6 of them, 2 for wall collisions, 2 for floor collisions and 2 for edge which may seem excessive but it works without fail.

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    I see, well explained, makes sense for larger games. Best of luck at least your on the right track now

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