As you might have seen in another topic, I'm trying to make one of those games where the bulk of the code is in one frame and level files are stored externally.

I've got Tile Map handling the actual level, and I've attempted to use INI++1.5 and fastloops to save/load the positions and settings of all the objects. In the editor I represent each object with an Active Picture and run a fastloop to have the INI++1.5 object "Save Object" for each one to save the positions/alt values/alt strings, saving the object type in one of the strings.

Then in the game, I run a fastloop using Create by Name to create each object at the specified position, which works. What doesn't work is following that up with setting the created object's alterable value. Each object that is listed in the level editor is put in the same qualifier as I saw mentioned online, so I Create by Name the object, then set Alt Value A to val00 of the group named *current fastloop index*. (I was gonna add the rest of the values once I fixed the issue, and originally planned on just using INI++1.5's Load Object, but it randomly made objects invisible and I'm not sure when it'll be updated)

It works for creating the objects according to each label stated in the INI's saved Alterable String and position values, but it seems to veer off course when it follows through with setting the Alterable Value. Some of them have the right value, but some of them seem to use the value of one of the other entries. I've checked the actual file and all the values are correct there, the issue seems to be in loading. Same thing happens if I replace the loading routine with vanilla INI, though...

I've seen some kind of Level-Save object, but I'm somewhat confused as to how it would be much different than what I am doing now which should be working but isn't. Any idea what's wrong, maybe if there's a better way to go about it? Or could someone more skilled take a look at my .mfa files to see what's happening?