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Thread: Console object confusion?

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    Console object confusion?

    Hi, im trying to figure out why i cant get the console object to do anthing?

    If i run CMD in windows and type ipconfig i get a result, if i use console in MMF:

    Start of frame:
    Open console;
    write string "ipconfig"

    It just opens and shows "ipconfig"? It doesnt get exectuted?

    Am i dont it wrong?


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    You're confusing the usage of the Console Object. The console object (while it looks like CMD) is actually just a window for you to pipe your own information through and display outputs.

    There are numerous ways to achieve IPCONFIG information but this isn't one of them. To interact with CMD you would have to write a batch file and execute that.

    @echo Testing IPCONFIG / Press Any Key

    Would say Testing IPCONFIG / Press Any Key then execute ipconfig within a dos window and pause the screen until the user hits a key again.

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