Ninja Twins is an original puzzle game on you control two ninjas moving them at the same time.

The game have 30 levels in total. The levels are one screen and depending on the level you can have a maximun of 40 movements to clear it.

Your objective is touch the chest with one of the characters, avoiding the ninja stars in the minimun movements possible and keep both alive.

The game has been developed using Multimedia Fusion 2 and is available to play online using flash. Also if all works correctly the downloadable versions will be launched soon. And if the port is good also for mobiles iOS/Android(Actually i have a version running on a Kindle FIre HD and alls perfect Smiley )

About the difficulty levels:
Level 1 to 9 = Very easy / Easy / A little tricky
Level 10 to 20 = Normal / Hard
Level 21 to 27 = Hard / Very Hard
Level 28 to 30 = At the moment only Chuck Norris has finished these levels

You can play here in one of my flash game sites:

Or if you prefer you can play and rate the game on Newgrounds/Kongregate:

If you find a bug/error or something weird please report!