Hello again Clickteam community,

I have run again into a problem(plenty of problems where creation of a game is concerned). I have an event(two events really):

{+Active 1 collides with active 2
+change anim to anim 2

{(negate)Active 1 collides with active 2
+change anim to anim 1

Now, when active 1 collides with an individual active 2, that active 2's anim will change to anim 2. But if active 1 overlaps two active 2s and then moves off of one of them, that active 2's anim wont go to anim 1 until active 1 is not overlapping any active 2s. I want to make it so that if active one is not overlapping an active 2, even if it is overlaping another active 2, that active 2 will still go to anim 1. Sorry if I made that extremely confusing.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out,