Hi i dont know what i do wrong but if i compile my apps and test it on iphone, they lag like hell .

On Pc it works perfekt
On mac with ios simulator its a little slower , like 2 seconds delay for switching frame or some little movements lags
but compiled on Iphone its a pain in the Ass , i have to touch the Screen for like 5 seconds befor its do something....

Maybe someone has an Idea what im doing wrong.

in Xcode i only change:
Deployment Target to 6.0
and the codesigning entitlements

As build i use IOS device - Archive -> Distribute - save for ad-hoc
then i have an ipa that i can install on iphone
(Archive Build Configuraton is "Release")

there 2 Issues in xcode but i dont know if they matter:
presentModalViewController.animated: is deprecated: first deprecated in IOS 6.0
dismissModalViewControllerAnimated: is deprecated: first deprecated in IOS 6.0

I attach 2 mfa┤s
GM test.mfa is extreme simple , but if i compile it to iPhone i need to "touch" the "buttons" for 5 sec befor switching frames .
test.mfa is an part of my game i made but it lags so hard i cant do anything . if you touch the screen an little crosshair shows on the touched area and follow the "touch" but with like 1 frame in 5 sec.

need help plz

collision between issues.zip