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Thread: photoshop images

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    photoshop images

    Trying to make a photoshop image of myself to put into a game as an active object. I can get the image inserted but the picture file still has is the white box around me that is active with my image. I only want the outline of my body active not the added white box. I did save the file as save to web. Any ideas??

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    There is no need to save the image as a web image. Just save yourself against a solid colour background (which you can do in Photoshop), and when you import the image into MMF, select the Fill tool, set the colour to transparent colour, and fill the solid colour background. This will clear that background and leave just you there.
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    I do like this:
    1 I make an image with a transparent background
    2 I record for web PNG-24 and I check the box "Transparency"

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    OldLongDragon... how is "make it a sprite instead of photoshopping a photo" of any use to beydman?

    That's like saying "I can't the tap water working in my house, how can I fix this?" and you reply "Drink soda".

    Also for the solution to this... yes save as a png. You can't just copy/paste out of photoshop because you need to save the alpha channel (the transparency channel)

    Saving as a png will do that for you. Then you import that png into MMF and the transparency should stay in tact.

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