This is something I've noticed just now, and because of it am wondering if there's a way to make MMF2 remove things from memory at runtime.

I have a very large game running in Direct 3D 9 which doubles the memory requirements of the project I'm working on, getting it up often times to 1600+ Mb. Yes, I know that's quite huge, but every now and then, when I test out the project, it balances around 700 Mb, and even goes down to 605ish with absolutely no changes to anything. The frame is set for "Force load on call for all objects," and pretty much everything that can be loaded has appeared. As far as performance goes, it runs just as smoothly and plays exactly the same, but if I can get a consistent memory boon like that, it'd make a world of difference in the long run.

Does MMF2 have some kind of option that makes something like this able to be toggled, or is it just a random chance happening?