I thought I would give a final post a couple of days ago, and begin to programming with a fresh mind; sadly I spoke too soon...

I was testing DavidN' platform movement once again, and then I came across something odd and really familiar.
Back then, I thought MMF2 was acting nuts because...
In my game, my player keeps falling through platforms even when I arranged the events properly, and I couldn't for the life of me, figure out why since the events was exactly the same as the DavidN example! First I thought the detector or the collider is too thin, then I thought MMF2 is being unresponsive to new commands. And now I see it, I mixed in "Variable Jumps" to the Gravity sections with the "Platforms".

Let me put this in a way, so I don't have to import an attachment.

Just like the moving platforms mishap, in the fastloop platform instructions document, there are two different sections: One is variable jumps, the other is (jump through) platforms; both are fine on their own; but together, they cause problems.
However, unlike the moving-plat mishap, I've actually know the problem.
I see that the very first instruction related to variable jumps is what causing the problem...

Negate- Repeat when player presses Fire 1
If Player is <0

When I jump through a platform, the player will land on the platform as long as I hold the jump button while the player is falling.
When I do otherwise, the player will fall through the platform.
The player will land on the platform only when Fire 1 is being held.

I see the problem right in front of my face, but I can't find the solution.
Should I add an Alt. Value and either use it on the first event, or have a new set of instructions for that value?

P.S- I'm trying to find a simple and clever way of making moving platforms behave, but I want to know if I can take values or positions of backdrops like I can with objects...

Plus- I've noticed an uncanny effect seen in the DavidN's file of the moving conveyer movement. When the player moves against the conveyer and collides with the backdrop, it does one of two things:

Player constantly bounces away from the Backdrop when player moves against conveyer.

Backdrop Player=>
Player gets stuck to the backdrop when it collides to it this way, but the player can easily break free by a simple jump.

However, this didn't happen when the Horiz Value of a moving platform shares it's numeric value with the Extra Horiz Value of the player instead of adding or subtracting the Extra Horiz Value like the conveyer example, but how to implement the shared value to the conveyer is beyond me!