It's made using MMF2 Dev in a 30 hour game jam at my university. We sold all games made there in a bundle on and got over 1000$ for charity out of it. Now I converted it to flash and put it up on kongregate, and I'd be happy if more people could play and rate it.

level.break (pronounced “level-dot-break”)

level.break is a pseudo-code hacking puzzle game in which you play a hacker who utilizes commands to break firewalls, and plant and use worms to free precious data cubes from servers. The playing field is randomly generated with 6 preset difficulties and the ability to fully customise all difficulty settings and even create your own presets. Learn the level.break hacking language to utilise all the commands to break through firewalls while avoiding detection.

-6 preset difficulty settings for randomly generated levels, with the ability to customise all difficulty settings

-a puzzle game with a similar feeling to minesweeper in which you utilise a pseudo-coding language

-you have to break blocks to get to the data cube(s), but beware of alarms or your hacking attempt may end prematurely

-destroy rows of firealls with worms you plant on the server

-dozens of commands with similar syntax, maybe you can even find the hidden commands?


Play it on!

Play it on!