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Thread: The Chickening on Xbox 360

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    The Chickening on Xbox 360

    My run and gun shooter about a chicken who shoots lasers clucked its way onto Xbox Indies Games for 80msp. Personally, I am relieved that I was able to really finally finish this game I had started in 2009 so I can move on to something new, and a round of thanks goes out to everyone on the forums and of course the nice people behind MMF.

    Here's a review:

    Surrealism comes to XBLIG!

    'The Chickening' is a single-player platformer in which you control a chicken that shoots lasers out of its eyes! You fly and jump over human feet, fingers, and shoes turned upside down. You shoot at various objects in space: pizza slices, peanuts in shell, squirrels on aeroplane, cats, dogs, etc. to score millions of points and progress to higher levels (12 in total). The cartoonish background music and sfx, including chicken and cat sounds, add to the fun and comic, surreal nature of this title. Controls are very simple. 'The Chickening' is a very welcome XBLIG re-release/update of the 2009 game with the same name from same developer for Windows PCs , and will put a cheerful smile on the face of many Xbox players.

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    Hahaha, awesome man, I'll download this.

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