It's great we have the Option Menus for Android, but unfortunately they display differently on different devices, making it difficult to create icons for. For example, displayed on a Galaxy Note 2 vs displayed on a Galaxy S Epic 4G:

Galaxy note 2: Screenshot_2013-06-12-19-17-07.png Galaxy Epic 4G: device-2013-06-12-192538.jpg
(click for larger size)

Also neither of these conform to the new way menus are supposed to look in 4.0+. This is the new standard (press menu button within Gmail on Android 4.0+):


I think all we really need to do is detect if the user is on 4.0 (possibly 3.0) or higher, and display the menu as just plain text like in my last screenshot. If the user is using 2.3.7 or less, displaying them like the first option is fine, but we need to find a way to figure out if it's displaying on a black or white background, so we can make both a black and a white icon for each option!