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Thread: Learning Game Programming

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    Learning Game Programming

    I know MMF2 does not deal with programming and there are dozens of tutorials and other information out there to learn but if I trully wanted to understand how it all works would you say I need to learn some type of programming? and I know someone has metioned this before somewhere but I just can not find it.

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    I'd say MMF2 is a kind of programming. It's just very high level (simple to use). Pretty much every programming language have tools to make programming easier.

    You have to ask yourself what kind of commitment you want to put into game development, and what you want to focus on. If you are a professional coder there is little reason not to use a powerful language like C++ to develop with, but if you want to focus on graphics, sound and gameplay primarily and have noone to do the coding for you, using a tool like MMF2 is pretty good. You only have so much time, and that time is often best spent focusing on the things you are good at (unless you want to develop new skillsets - then by any means do so ).

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