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Thread: About answered the phone, music Disappear!? [Help!]

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    Question About answered the phone, music Disappear!? [Help!]

    1. When the (A)phone call the iPhone,
    If (A)phone hung up the phone,iPhone back to the game
    ,game music and sounds(wav,mp3) will ALL be gone,include jumpframe or restart the game
    (Need to close the game was effectively re-open)

    2.When the (A)phone call the iPhone,
    iPhone press the "reject" or "Answer the phone" to return to the screen
    will be left when the music(specific channel loop),jumpframe or restart the game,
    As will remain the music(specific channel loop)
    why ? Because my music is set in the specific channel 32?
    (I use the Q & A PAUSE that is invalid)

    my MMF2DEV version is 257.20
    need help!~~~~~

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    Fixed for next release

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