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Thread: Load MP3 from URL

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    Load MP3 from URL

    Is it possible to load an mp3 from a URL using Samples>Play sample file on a specific channel and then entering the URL into the expression editor inside the quotes?

    At start of frame, I tried loading this mp3 ( and it did not work. I also tried other mp3 files like and it did not work. I also tried using a button to play the mp3 with no success. I also tried loading a .wav file.

    I know you can load images from url's but I could not find any info on loading sound files from url's.

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    Try download mp3s (for example with the download object) then play them.


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    What you want achieve is Streaming not Loading...
    You will have better chance like that:

    first: create a "mp3tmp" folder Inside your MAIN folder where your application is (or MFA is)

    -> START of frame
    --> Download FILE at: (Save it as: Apppath$+"mp3tmp\tmp.mp3")

    -> On dowload completed
    --> Play sample Apppath$+"mp3tmp\tmp.mp3")

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