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Thread: Active Picture : Unknown Format error

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    Active Picture : Unknown Format error

    Hello and good day!

    I'm having a problem with the Active Picture object, and it only occurs when I run my application's .exe file (it works fine in the .mfa).

    When using the Active Picture : New picture from selector command, all otherwise "valid" entires give me an "Unknown format" error. I checked my main application and its sub applications to ensure they all support the same formats (.png, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .tga) so I know that's not the issue as those are the only file types I'm trying to load. Everything still uses the default 16 million color mode, I can't think of what else could be causing this trouble.

    I did also go to Help > Check for Updates but "Unable to retrieve the information about this update" was the message returned. Does this mean there is no updates? My current version is R257.12, is this issue fixed in the new beta?

    I'm thinking this is a bug with the actual kcpica.mfx object, I can't think of what else might be causing my troubles.

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    It seems the image filters are not included in the exe file. So you have to do it yourself.

    Go to Application > Properties > Settings > Image Filters > uncheck Automatic.

    Now it should work. Also uncheck the filters you don't need.

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