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Thread: Help with simple platform enemy chasing AI

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    Help with simple platform enemy chasing AI

    I've looked around at various examples but haven't found something related to the problem I have.

    For a chasing enemy in a platform game, I simply have it so that every 0.05 seconds:

    If X position of enemy is greater than player X position, set Enemy X position as Enemy X position -1.
    (and the opposite for when the enemy is on the other side of the player)

    This works fine, but I don't know what to do when it comes to the enemy being stopped by a wall in the level. Walls in my game are backdrop objects, so I added *enemy is not overlapping a backdrop* to the above events, which does make the enemy stop at the wall, but then they can no longer move the other way as they are permanently stuck 1 pixel into the wall and can no longer move because of the event.

    Any easy solution to this, or should I do a different method entirely for calculating x position of a chasing enemy?

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    I will eventually be doing this in my blog but have you looked at
    Also there should be lots of examples on the forums here.

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