Is this just a bug or am I doing something really wrong here?

I have Two score board's one for Normal Mode and One For Survival Mode, both with their own separate name and separate .ini file to record to, the scores record so no problems there.

On my options screen I have both score tables but outside the viewable window, I have two objects the user must click on to reset each score board.

Object 1: Reset Normal Mode Score > User clicks left Mouse button on OBJ1 > "RESET" Normal Mode
Object 2: Reset Survival Mode Score > User clicks left Mouse button on OBJ2 > "RESET" Survival Mode

This works perfectly under Windows but under Android the command fails to work.

I have even tried to add a reset option while the score board is viewable on screen but same result, fails to reset . this is really hurting my head.

I mean I don't have to give my customers this option but it would be nice to provide them with it.

Thank You