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Thread: Ini Encryption

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    Ini Encryption

    I understand the INI++ object has encryption, but it crashes when loading encrypted inis for me, maybe based on the larger size of it.

    What are the common methods of loading/saving encrypted data into a file from INI object, and being able to decrypt and load it back into INI later

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    I remember having this problem a long time ago, I think it's some sort of bug in the extension itself that haven't been fixed, which is why is crashes... always.

    The Blowfish Object can encrypt/decrypt strings, so it could be used for encrypting each string based on your key to the INI. You can also encrypt individual files and point it to the INI too.

    If it's for a password, it's even better to use hashing, the QuickHash Object since that only supports one-way encryption, but then again, if someone knows where this INI is, it opens it for tampering (if the whole file is unencrypted)

    There's other extensions that can handle encryption too.

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    Don't use the encryption, it's quite simply just not working and I believe may lead to corruption.

    I think hashing is a good way to go if you're worried about people modifying the data. Make up a checksum from your data points and add it to the end of the file.

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