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Thread: B.I.T.E. - Zombie game finally sponsored!

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    B.I.T.E. - Zombie game finally sponsored!

    Hello! I finally managed to get sponsored by Armor Games!

    In a post-apocalyptic world, Jack may be the last hope for mankind. In his quest, he will try to find the vaccine to the zombie disease. But the path is much darker than it seems.

    BITE is a zombie shooting game.


    - In-game Achievements
    - 5 levels with 3 different difficulty levels
    - 6 different weapons
    - Game story
    - Fun!

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    I gave it a shot. It's simple, but engaging. I made a similar game with more realism, but people didn't like the complexity.

    I was having a tough time with the first boss in your game, until I found out how to glitch it between a wall and a car. I also had a problem with movement keys occasionally sticking.

    Stage 2 had zero zombies. I liked the boss though. After stage 2, no more zombies spawned. I took advantage of the glitch and went to stage 4, where the game slowed down and became unplayable.

    I tried restarting the game within the menu, but that didn't help; still no zombies. I eventually restarted by exiting the window, and played until half way through stage 2. At that point, it slowed down again. I would have liked to have played it all the way through.

    Seeing how you spent a lot of time on a zombie game, I'd appreciate you taking a look at mine: The Dead Miles. Feedback would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the game.

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    Just being curios - getting sponsored by ArmorGames is good becuase they pay good money or because you get good exposure and advertize yourself as a developer ...

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