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Thread: Addicting Space Runner Released

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    Addicting Space Runner Released

    ASR Splash.jpgASR Screen Grab 1.jpgASR GPlay Icon.jpg

    Get it on the Play Store now:

    I was told this was the best place to start a thread for completed games.

    Here is my first game ever on MMF2 Dev. A pretty rewarding experience for the first time through. Looking forward to lots more fun ahead. Please download a copy and send over feedback, thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing.

    Some feedback:
    1. It is not sufficiently clear that the circle in the bottom right hand corner is the jump button
    2. It would benefit from providing visual feedback when users have pressed a button and more textual feedback when submitting scores, trying to create a login, etc.
    3. Not sure if the difficulty changes depending on the device's screen size, but some of the jumps (especially at the very beginning) seemed impossibly hard.

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