I put 2 little gl examples together (3dmazeexample.mfa and MS3D.mfa) for testing
purposes. Just imported a 3d object from ms3d.mfa into the gl map maze
for a open gl level with a 3d model. I do want to get more into it but I have no clue
how to make collisions (wall detectors) for the moving opengl camera.
One long method is to check x, y posistions of the opengl camera, but very long to do.
Does anybody have any ideas or methods to do this with the ogl camera?

Example File Open gl :

Open GL Extension:

How to open the mfa file if OpenGL.mfx isnt found (which happens with me) :

The opengl extension its self is quite buggy, For some people like me the extension doesnt even
show up in the exentions list but I got around it by:
1) Make New App
1) Click Insert Object
2) In your Extensions list, if the Regular OpenGL object doesnt show up and you have it
in the mmf2 runtime/extentions folder Then click Add 'From File(s)' on the right above the
Refresh button.
3)Select the OpenGL.mfx, (Nothing should show up)Then close the extentions dialog.
4)Go Back into Insert Object and Click the 'Refresh' Button
Now the Extensions should show up on the list as a purple cube. Add it to your app and
it should be added, Now you can open a mfa file using OpenGL.mfx