What you need to export a game to OUYA.

2)Android/OUYA exporter
3) make a game to export

You need to download the latest Android SKD here.

When you download the SKD ( I would download the 32bit version but it's up to you )
You need to unpack it.

go to the folder where your SDK is open the SDK Manager.
Attachment 10803Attachment 10804

Then you need to update the AIPs you need, ( I am only using 14 and 18)
You can download them all if you'd like but it takes a quite a bit to update each api. ( be patient )

Next you need to Download the Java SE Development Kit 7 ( I am using 6 )

Install it.

Set your build to Android/OUYA
Attachment 10805

When you export your game
Attachment 10806

When you export for the first time
I will ask you

This is the path for mine:

You need to browse to the ant folder

it will also asks you where is the JAVA folder, just point it to program files(86x if 32bit).

and BOOOM you done.

You should have working APK for OUYA.

Don't forget to update to the latest BETA. Build 257.30 (Beta)
on the Owner's Lounge: Android Exporter AREA.

That's it.