One of the things that even now I've still not found a reasonable solution to is seamlessly playing a song featuring an intro that only plays once, then loops through the main song. Due to I believe MMF2 having audio on a separate thread than the rest of the program, there is almost always a short pause in audio before the main section of the song starts.

What I would like to request is for someone to make a hopefully simple extension, one that would just play a sample(I assume OGG format, as there are already types of looping OGG solutions for other programs out there I have heard) and either read metadata or a given input value for a sample point to return to when the song reaches the end(or perhaps when it reaches another given point) so that it can loop seamlessly like professional games.

Other less important features of such an extension I would appreciate would be changing the volume/frequency/sample position like Multimedia Fusion 2's default features, the ability to play more than one stream at a time and the ability to load/play songs/modify the mentioned settings to the multiple songs, for things like Mario's Yoshi drum tracks that play on top of songs in perfect sync. Attempting to do that with MMF2 often ends slightly out of sync for me.

The main thing I would like however is simply a working looping song solution, preferably compatible with other exporters(at least Android and XNA) even if I have to store the songs in a format compatible with those systems.

As mentioned in the subject I'm willing to pay some money if need be for this extension and ports to at least Android/XNA exporters. The hope is to use it in a (very) low budget project, and the person I'm working with agreed this is worth spending some money on as opposed to using cheap workarounds. Would someone here be able to make this extension for us, and for how much?

(alternatively if there's an extension that can do this seamlessly that I simply haven't gotten to work right, could someone point me in that direction and/or assist in porting it to other exporters?)