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Thread: Wicked n00b question concerning developing for XBOX Live

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    Wicked n00b question concerning developing for XBOX Live

    Hi again guys. I know MMF2 games CAN be made for the XBOX live, but I have no idea how the whole process works. Does the game have to be built from the ground up using special specs or is there some 'magic method' that takes an existing MMF2 game and lets it be able to be run on the console?

    Also, what's the process from getting an MMF2 .exe that's ready for the XBOX actually ONTO the XBOX? There must be some sort of screening process on their part, right?

    Sorry it's just that this is sort of interesting to me and wanted to know.

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    To get you started you would need the XNA export module and a developer subscription with Microsoft.
    Beyond that its pretty standard Fusion game creation.

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    I haven't made a xbox live game, but i know people who have.

    I wouldnt say it had to be built from the ground up - just like the IOS/flash/android exporters it will only have certain objects that can be used and the xbox one has it's own set.

    I wouldn't say the process is simple - it's a bit of a pain setting up as microsoft has certain guidelines for games (like how joypads are used and memory) and it does get screened to my knowledge by people first.

    Lastly, Microsoft are not supporting XNA anymore and they won't allow any XNA games on the xbox one so you better get a game out sooner rather than later.

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