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Thread: 'UIAccelerometer' is deprecated

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    Question 'UIAccelerometer' is deprecated

    Hi there,

    Building my app on Xcode, i get some errors like "'UIAccelerometer' is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 5.0" and "'UIAcceleration' is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 5.0" in the file CRunApp.h

    Anybody get it? I have all updates of MMF and iOS Exporter.

    I'm sure I made mistakes in MMF game properties building it, but I didn't find any help how to build properly an iOS App with MMF2 Developer. For instance, I have no Apple Developer ID and just want to build it fine on Xcode to test it with the iPad Simulator.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

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    First off, how about you try the latest beta version of MMF2? It's available in the MMF2 owner's lounge, and will also update to the latest beta version of the iOS exporter. Also, to get there, you'll need to register MMF2 under your forum account settings. It might be able to fix the issue. If it still doesn't work, then let us know. I personally don't have the iOS exporter, but I do know that the beta versions of MMF2 tend to fix these sorts of issues.

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