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Thread: Admob ads "test 1" "test 2 test 3" ?

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    Question Admob ads "test 1" "test 2 test 3" ?

    I have tried to implement Admob ads in one of my game, and it seems to work fine.. i think..? 50% + of the time though when in the game I get an add banner for "test 1" and then it flips to "test 2 test 3". I don't know if that is a real ad or if this is some.. test? I almost get the impression the ad is not found and instead it gives an ad link to a register domain site?
    I tried to take a screenshot of my android with my ipod phone, the quality is very very bad though:

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    Re : Admob ads "test 1" "test 2 test 3" ?

    Maybe you're using the app with your dev account?

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    those ads come from admob, when is in testing mode

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