Just thought I'd post up an application that i created for myself, but ended up releasing it for others on a fitness community to use.
This program calculates how many calories and macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat) you need to reach your desired weight loss/gain goal. Calculation is based upon your details (Gender, Age, Height, Weight) and your goal (Lose weight, maintain weight, gain weight).

You can add foods to your food database by inputting the nutritional information, or you can "pull" this information off 4 of the main nutritional databases on the internet. Simple search for the food you want, hit "autofill" and all the nutritional information is filled in for you!

Then you just add the foods that you've eaten each day to your daily log, and you can see if you're on track to reaching your daily goal.
Supports multiple users, Categorizing of food, quick add/edit/delete off foods, view progress etc.


Its somewhat "discontinued" as i haven't touched it in 6+ months, but functions fine. I noticed the values pulled fro "calorieking.com" are incorrect, but the other 3 websites are fine. Once i've finished uni in the next few days ill update this, and you'll be able to download the fix via the inbuilt auto-updater