I've recorded a new game play video for Galactic Battle. It demonstrates a feature that I haven't showcased before. It is complicated to explain, so watching the video might give you a clue. If you still don't know, then there is an explanation later in this post, so read on.

Anyway, here is the video.

So, if you can't tell what the feature is by watching, or you would rather read about it first, or you would rather not watch the video, then I have wrote a detailed explanation of the feature. I wrote it for the help file (which is a work-in-progress, BTW), so I'll just quote most of the first two segments (I've removed the last paragraph or so of the second segment that will only be any good when the first playable demo is released):

1. Controls:

If you couldn't figure out the controls, then here they are:

Up/down arrow keys: Speed up/slow down.
Left/right arrow keys: Turn left/right.
Z key: Fire.
X key: Scan the nearest enemy (more on that in a moment...)

Pretty simple, right?

2. Enemy scanning:

This is perhaps the most interesting part of the game, though it may take a little while to grasp.

First of all, what does it do? Well, to put it simply, your ship has the ability to scan enemy weapons systems,
and then mimic the weapon or weapons the scanned ship uses using your own ship's weapons systems.

However, your ship has limits on what it can change. For example, it can't change from a homing missile to an energy blade,
as they are completely different weapon types. It can, however, change from a metallic shredding blade to an energy blade,
since, despite how different they are, your ship's current weapon launcher can properly use the weapon.
It was designed to be really adaptable, as you may have guessed from the fact that it can change from using a metal weapon to an energy weapon.

To explain the process of scanning an enemy, here is a list of steps:

1. Press the X key when you are near an enemy that is using a weapon of the same class (E.G. missile class, blade class, and laser class).
2. Wait for the ship's weapons systems to adjust to mimic the enemy's attack. You will not be able to attack while it is adjusting, but it usually doesn't take long*.
3. You will get the weapon the enemy was using after the ship's weapons systems have adjusted to use the new weapon**.

*Please note that boss weapons take longer to scan than normal enemy weapons.
**Your ship can only hold the weapon data for one weapon at a time. Please consider this when scanning enemies,
as you won't be able to change back without scanning another enemy, or by finishing a mission.
Long explanation, but I think it should help you grasp the concept. If you still can't grasp the concept, then I guess I can release a smaller first playable demo than I originally intended that only features the intro stage, but I don't know how good that would be for explaining it, as it is more useful in the second stage.

EDIT 2: Wait, it let me fix the thread title myself. Never mind...