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Thread: Connecting to lacewing server using standard sockets?

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    Connecting to lacewing server using standard sockets?

    Hi, im trying to create a standard TCP server for which i can connect to using telnet ETC and send commands. So i went ahead and created a lacewing relay server, hosted it on 6161 and then tryed to connect using telnet but ran into problems. So i created a client using lacewing relay client and tested that and noticed that connects fine?

    Can you only connect to a hosted lacewing server by using the lacewing client?


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    You can indeed only connect to a Lacewing server using the Lacewing client. Otherwise, it would be a little bit too easy to create a fake version of your client (the part sending stuff to your server) to cheat in your game (if a game is indeed what you are making).

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    Contrary to what hgf just said, you can in fact connect to a Lacewing server as long as you follow the Lacewing Relay Protocol Specification:
    Working as fast as I can on Fusion 3

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