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Thread: 3D Voxel City

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    3D Voxel City

    Scrolling, potentially infinite "3D" procedural city. Can be modified to load a predefined level from an array. Works on low-end iOS devices.
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    Woho! And it really works on ios? Wow - I┤m gonna fool around with it! Maybe put in a car... and so son
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    Could anyone with an iOS/Android device help me out and tell me how many layers you managed/framerate? I'm using this in my project and would like to see the performance across different devices. Currently I only own an iPad 4 and iPhone 3GS.

    To run this on a 3GS requires a few tweaks as the resolution must be 480x320, otherwise it will chug.

    On PC you can tweak the layer amount by setting the alt.value "Layers" or by removing the cap from within the code.

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