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Thread: Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Information / Examples / Tutorials (Physics)

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    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Information / Examples / Tutorials (Physics)

    Hello Everyone.

    Due to some unexpected delays with the shops and the forums, I have ultimately moved one of the main focus threads from the Fusion 2.5 Beta Forum to the Open-Topic Community Forum so new users of Fusion 2.5 can download some examples and tutorials which the community have kindly provided. It should be a good start in the right direction.

    MFA's and Backwards Compatibility
    Before importing ANY MFA from 2.0 into 2.5, ensure you BACK UP your current MFA. Once you save an MFA in 2.5 format, you will not be able to open it in 2.0. Always ensure you keep backups of your MFA files, whether it's dropbox, flash/usb stick, another hard drive or on a server. MFA's saved inside Fusion 2.5 will not be able to be opened in MMF 2.0.

    Shops / Purchasing / Upgrades
    The servers have been under intense load since the release of Fusion 2.5 and the HB weekly deal. Luckily for Clickteam, there are staff constantly monitoring server activity and have cloud servers for expanding the power of the servers at any given time. Sometimes you may experience slow loading activity on the site, downloads or the shops. CT will constantly monitor the server and make availability by increasing server power when needed.

    If you have any issues that need addressing, rather than posting in the forum(s) it will be better for you to download Clickteam's Official Chat Software (ClickConverse) from - You can login with your forum Username and Password. There are staff and moderators available on here but please be patient while all the current orders and queries are being dealt with. If you're looking specifically for purchase/upgrade information, see further down this thread.

    Registering Serial Numbers on the Forum
    You can register your serial numbers on the forum by looking at the very top, right hand side of this page. There is a link called 'Settings'; open that link, scroll down to My Products and enter your serial numbers in there.
    N.B Only Multimedia Fusion 2.0 and Exporter serials will work for now. The Fusion 2.5 Serials should be ready to work Sunday/Monday after the Forum refresh.

    Installing Extensions to Fusion 2.5 (Thanks to RhysD)

    Fusion 2.5 HB Installation Troubles
    Check this link:

    New User and Upgrade Pricing (Full Explanation)

    Community Physics Examples and Tutorials

    It's only temporary until the new forum(s) become available but at least it will give some resource to those looking for them for now.
    N.B - You will need to register your serial here on the forum for access to the Open Topic Community Forum. For new 2.5 users, this will be available in the next day or two (likewise for badges).

    Even More Free Examples
    The File Archive is PACKED with over 3,000 threads of MFA's for people to download. It is a valuable resource to the forum.

    Lots of Other Examples
    For new users to Multimedia Fusion 2.0 or Clickteam Fusion 2.5, you can also check out this website from a legendary community member Marv: His website has a plethora of example files you can download and check out.

    Clickteam Tutorials
    Also, don't forget to check out - will be updated shortly with new content for 2.5 but most (if not all) the existing tutorials are applicable to both MMF2 and Fusion 2.5.

    Exporters and Availability
    The exporters currently all work for MMF 2. They're being ported over to Clickteam Fusion 2.5, as it stands at the moment Android and iOS have been ported over. The remaining exporters will be ported over and the developers are working towards that. HTML5 exporter will be available next and should be available in the next week or two.

    Downloadable Examples
    ScreenZoom and Rotation - Attachment 11307
    Platform Tutorial -
    Physics Tutorial - With Library -

    Online Tutoring Course
    There is also a video course available by myself over at Udemy. There are an additional two parts more to come, Intermediate and Advanced, however with the release of Clickteam Fusion 2.5, I will have to recite these courses and make them available for 2.5 so please bear with me on that. This is great for newcomers and even existing users who think video tutoring is a better way of learning for them. You also get full live support from me around the clock on any questions and live teaching sessions.

    How to Open MFA's via MMF2 AND Fusion 2.5 (Windows Context Menu)

    Bugs and Reporting
    A final word to note. Clickteam are now moving towards the official BugTracker system. This means Clickteam will eventually stop scanning the forum for bug reports. The forum can still be used for technical support, questions and everything else but if you do come across a bug with any of the software or the exporters (more helpful if you can reproduce or attach an MFA). You can login to the BugTracker at any time here: with your Forum username and password.

    You can also view the current bugs reported by others so you don't need to start a new bug thread if it's already been reported.

    Have fun with Fusion 2.5

    Facebook -
    Twitter -
    Want to learn Clickteam Fusion 2.5?

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    A little guide for adding extension using the extension manager in version 2.5

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