Hello everyone,

I'm very busy with my new Umi Force Unlimited game, but today I finally decided to export the new Fusion 2.5 to HTML, Android, and iOS. I've added anything new (like the new physical movements) since I don't want to risk with this game.

Both Android as HTML5 everything works perfectly, the latter still does not support add effect, but ranges from wonders.

The problem comes with iOS, the game does not recognize touches with the mouse, textures lost, variable global unassigned, this last thing I suspect because I assign some variables at the beginning which is noticed that their values were not saved when there was a change of frame.

I can imagine that François and Anders should be well occupied with the exporter, but I feel like in the first betas of the same.

Not be to others is happening or my game is very heavy and complicated, but if either of the two you want to code shipping.

Greetings and I hope your comments,

PS: by the way, this is with encouragement help as always, always it is also our dear friend MMF 2.0!

My game in HTML5 with Fusion 2.5, sorry for spawn effect without add effect does not work and interface in progress:

Umi Force Unlimited