I've tested a number of platform engines created by me within Fusion2.5.
I keep encountering a problem when dealing with slopes and HTML5 runtime.

Basically, there's a problem with the jumping animation of my main character when jumping on or from slopes (physic movement engine). The problem is only within the HTML5 runtime, the windows version works ok.

Please, look at the attached files and videos for more information.


I suspect it's a problem regarding the different way collisions are handled within HTML5 and windows runtime, as explained in the help F2.5 menu section, but I can't find a way to fix it.

"Differences between HTML5 and Windows applications
'Background collision mask
The way the background collision mask is handled is very different compared with the Windows runtime. In HTML5 applications, when you have a "No obstacle" object in front of an "Obstacle" or "Platform" background object, the "No obstacle" object will NOT have any effect on the collisions. Basically, the objects above it WILL have a collision detected, even if your topmost object is "No collision". The same limitation also occurs when you paste a "No obstacle" object in the background : it will not have any effect on the collisions."

I really need some help with this, since it literally doesn't allow me to go further with my HTML5 project.

Any help?