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Thread: Increase chances of item

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    Increase chances of item

    I'm trying to make a capsule machine similar to the trophies in Smash Bros: Melee where the more coins you pay, the better the chance you'll get a trophy that you don't already have.

    So basically it'll be like:

    You own:
    Trophy 1
    Trophy 2
    Trophy 3

    You want:
    Trophy 4

    And if you insert one coin, you have a low chance of getting Trophy 4, but the more you insert, the higher your chance of getting that trophy (or any you don't already have). I just don't know how to go about this or the maths involved. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Well theres a few methods.
    Logically, any random picking through the list says that the overall chance to get a trophy you don't have increases the more coins you use. On each individual roll it gets lower, but the overall chance gets higher.

    Now say you want each individual roll to be weighted according to how many coins you've inserted in a spree. Here are two easy ways:
    #1: Simply reroll it.
    Roll it once, check to see if the player has that trophy already, and then roll it again and throw out the result of the first roll.
    If you do this N times for N coins, you might be getting odds much better than you wanted. Instead, you could limit the number of rerolls, say for example using a logarithmic curve that increased number of coins = more rolls, but growing slower and slower.

    #2: Choose from a weighted list. Make a list that has the names of all the trophies currently available. Whenever the player inserts a coin, choose a trophy he doesn't own at random and add another instance of it to the list. Whenever he gets a trophy, erase all but one instance of that trophy from the list again. So whenever a trophy is chosen, those he doesn't have have more instances on the list than those he does, and he'll get them more often.

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